Marc Jacobs

Investigate the designers influence on current trends:

Sources of Inspiration that motivate the designer’s ideas, including cultural and historical influences?
• Marc Jacobs is mostly inspired by the fashions from past decades, mainly from the 40’s up to the 80’s.
• Jacobs immersed himself in club culture as a teen.
• Was driven towards fashion when he lived with his grandmother as a teenager, where he watched all the beautiful people walk past and immersed himself in all their stunning fashion.
• Jacobs still uses the beautiful people in his life as inspiration, his current girls that inspire him are the ‘fruitful crowd of cool girls that surround him’ some of these ‘cool girls’ include stylist Venetia Scott, director Sofia Coppola and art house actresses.
• In some of Jacobs work he makes references to the 50’s couture staples.
• A historical source of inspiration for Jacobs was Cristobal Balenciaga’s 1951 dotted blouson top and black pencil skirt. He has interpreted these items in his own way and has made items of clothing that include sculptured shoulders, peplum waists and pin neat tailoring, these all reflect on work of Balenciaga.
• In 2011 Jacobs took a trip to the museum where he viewed Cristobal Balenciaga’s work, which inspired him to have a 70’s feel in his last several seasons.
• The 70’s haven’t been inspiration for just Jacobs, Many designers have being inspired by it also, but Jacobs is the first who has used it to create a overflow of colours that are somewhat joyful and take us back to the days of ‘Ossie Clark’ and ‘YSL’.
• Jacobs took inspiration from the best of the 70’s designers and plunged it into a sweet nostalgia. The great artists from history that inspired Jacobs are fashion photographer Guy Bourdin, Yves Saint Laurent’s ensembles, Missoni Knits and Bianca Jagger outfits.
• In Jacobs work he has made references to Heroine, a character of 1976 film ‘Taxi Driver’.   He used her look of the wide brimmed hat and frizzy hair on...