David Lachappelle

As you just saw on the video, Dave LaChappelle has worked with many famous celebrities such as Leonardo Dicaprio, Madonna, Pamela Anderson and many more.   He is best known for his surreal, dramatic and often controversial images of celebrities. With a background in photography, fashion, advertising and the fine arts, LaChapelle's wildly imaginative and innovative style has made him one of the most famous entertainment and fashion photographers in the world.   In the portrait work he creates, they have the aura of a shock factor and create a sense of a daring ability to show a contrasted side to the celebrity. His work for this has been celebrated many times and since his arrival into photography in 1984 he has had exhibitions of his work almost every year, with six in 1999.   But what is surprising is the time it took for his work to be celebrated, it was 9 years before he won his first award, which prompted his first book to be released a year afterwards.   So it seems LaChapelle wasted no time in wanting to spread his message through different types of media – and it paid off. The larger-than-life images he creates are moving in his interest with hyper-glamorous situations and wild prop use. He is dependent on his location, instruments used to develop a beautifully surreal landscape. There is a sense of mild eroticism in most of the photographs; some are stronger than others.
David LaChapelle's work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. His publications include two books: LaChapelle Land and Hotel LaChapelle. The most recognized and popular images he has created was Artists and Prostitutes and heaven and hell in 2006, which consists of vivid and surreal portraits of celebrities such as Marilyn Manson, Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz.  
David LaChappelle seeks beauty and extravagance surrealistic scenery, and he doesn’t use post production software. His most recent and controversial work is called “Jesus is my Homeboy” which...