The Equal Rights Amendment

Essay #2
The Equal Rights Amendment- Needed or not!
English 162
Mike Bohnert
October 14, 2012

Should women be given equal rights in this world?   Yes, there is now reason why in this day and age things should not be equal. If racism is now unacceptable than why is sex discrimination ok? All the laws should equally apply to all men and women. Is it only for women that the ERA (equal rights amendment) is for anymore? That is what Phyllis Schlafly discusses in her essay on not needing the ERA. In todays society things are changing and we want to argue that if things are changed for women it will be wrong in the end. To argue that things would change drastically for women is just wrong. We live in a world that is headed towards same sex marriages, and women making more money then men at some points. Men just as much as women should expect to collect Social Security if something should happen to their significant other. It should apply to both the man and woman in a relationship. This essay will discuss the difference in why we need the Equal Rights Amendment or not.
In the article that I read by Phyllis Schlafly she argues that the ERA (equal rights amendment) is not needed. She did not want anyone to take away the gender specific   privileges that were enjoyed by women. “The principal reason ERA failed is that although it was marketed as a benefit to women, its advocates were never able to prove it would provide any benefit whatsoever to women.” (513, Current Issues)   Do we need special benefits because of our sex?   If we asked this question in a different decade   the answer would be yes.   Just because of our sex is why we should receive benefits!   This is how things used to be, when a women needed to depend on a man.   Women receive Social Security if something happens to their spouse, women are considered “dependent women” (514, Current Issues).   “If all laws are made sex-neutral, the military draft-registration law would have to include women.” (514,...