Gender Role

The roles we are assigned as men and women are natural and normal
Critically analyze this comment in light of what you have learned about gender relations. Use at least two case studies to support your argument.

Gender roles are what we do as ‘men’ or women’ that distinguishes us as such norms for example, what it means to be ‘appropriate and properly masculine” (Sorensen.2005)  
Gender roles are set of behaviour norms that are defined as being the “social definition” of men and women in a particular society (Sorensen.2005, pg19). Due to the dynamic nature of society, the general public’s views, ideas and values regarding gender roles have changes dramatically over the past hundred hears.

A person's gender role is composed of several elements and can be expressed through
clothing, behaviour, choice of work, personal relationships and other factors. There is a big differnent between masculinty and feminity. The way we behave in our daily lives detrmine our personality. Like women should behave in femine way this would be showing through out her personality, Emotions, cognitions body movement the way she speak etc all this would dertmine the different between the two genders.   Also for men being the way they behave as masculine is showing by the way they dress ,movement, language , Emotions, cognitions as we see them more   powerful than a women because women usally very emotional and men are aggressive.

According to Francisco (2006) article he discussed to be a man you are meant to be strong and tough within the society so you can be able to control any struggles or problems they might face “Men are assumed to be naturally competitive and aggressive, and being a real man is therefore marked by the struggle for control, conquest and domination”.

Sorensen claims that “gender roles are social construction framed around social constructions of biology and these sets of social constructions –although connected in diverse ways- are always in flux and...