The Effects of Physical Geography on the Population Density of the U.S and Canada

Canadians live almost the same way that us Americans live.   Our high standard of living is similar to Canada’s.   Both countries have high incomes, good health care and medicine, and they both have climates that do not strain human life.   The living conditions of both of these countries are envied by less fortunate countries.
First, both Canada and the United States receive high income from their businesses.   This leads to more money being given to families to buy things they need to live and increase the quality of life.   Both Canada and the United States are major exporters of goods, mostly to each other. The average Per Capita GDP is $46,000 in the United States and $39,000 in Canada.   The United States only has an 8.9% unemployment rate and Canada has a 7.8% unemployment rate.   Also, 99% of Americans and Canadians are literate.   Both countries’ high income contributes to their high standard of living.
Another factor that contributes to Canada’s and the United State’s high standard of living is that they both have excellent health care and medicine compared to other countries.   The average life expectancy for residents of Canada is 78.7 years for males and 84 years for females.   In the United States, it is 75 years for males and 81 for females.   Both countries spend a large percentage of their GDP on health care, but the United States spends more, even though the United States’ life expectancy is lower.
A majority of the populations of both countries live in a climate that is beneficial.   The humid continental climate where most Canadians live is not as extreme as the rest of Canada, which means milder, cool winters and warm summers that are not extremely hot.   These mild seasons increase the quality of life in those who live in these areas.   Americans are spread out across the country, but do have denser populations in climates such as humid continental and humid subtropical areas.   These places also have favorable traits like warm summers and mild...