Crises in World- Population and Geography

A World in Crises
Our world is ever changing, but is it changing for the better or are we slowly declining into worldwide crises? In Canada we are fortunate to have unlimited food, mini natural disasters, solid education and mostly equal rights. Many countries are not so fortunate and are living in harsh and terrible conditions every day.
Discuss the overall trend in population growth. Where do we see the rapid increases? Where do we see the decline? Explain. In other words; why is it rising in some places and not in others?
Population tends to explode when countries are industrializing, and after the population explodes after generations will start to go down. At the moment population is rising at a rapid rate all over the world. In developing countries the education of women plays a big part in population. When the women are unable to get a proper education they resort to lives solely for family. They stay at home and take care of the children and do “womanly” duties. After World War 2 people in Canada started to repopulate tremendously exploded the result were titled “baby boomers” this made the population escalate and in theory after this generation dies off the population will start to decline.
Which areas/countries experience high population density? Why?
Asia has one of the highest population densities. Some reasons include because of their booming industries, they developed early and is the centre for most of the worlds export which has big factors on the family life, they want boys to be capable of working in the industries so many families will keep having children until they receive a boy or have many boys to get a higher income.  
Explain how countries are attempting to decrease their rates of population growth?
Many countries are trying to diminish their population growth. China started a policy where families are restricted to one child; the results of this will help in the future but at the moment the abortion...