The Economy Situation After Us Civil War


The industrial structure for economy

    After civil war, the features of capital society emerged more and more obviously. Before, the industrial areas are mainly associated with cotton, lumber, boots , flour and meals. After it, the departures and businesses linked to machinery, iron and steel, lumber, cotton, and what is more the oil industry were becoming the most common and major products because of the developments of technology and the requests of the people. Such as the grain processing machines leaded to modern cereal industry.
    By the way, steam engines became more and more regular, which doubled from 1860 to 1880, and then doubled again from 1880 to 1900. Also, the end of the war quicken the uses and spread of the uses of electric power.

Development of productivity

    By the end of civil war together with the enthusiasm increase of the capital productivity system because of the increased competitive conscience, the productivity increased faster gradually. In one hand, the firm structure changed, the size of plants and firms increased. Thanks to the productivity’s developments, the prize of many products decreased. For instance, the prize of steel decreased from $120/ ton in 1873 to $17/ ton in 1898. And the price of farm machinery falls over 50% from 1870 to 1910.
    And in the another hand, the amount and the type of incorporation rose. The increase in size of firms, both vertically and horizontally, at the same time, the merger of companies became more and more popular. Furthermore, monopoly was not that strange before the war, it became a real concern to the society.

The developments of infrastructure and amenity

  Following the development conscience increased, the requests of the infrastructure became larger and more and more popular. The pavings of railways, the build of roads and even the later development of infrastructure from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, such as the projects of the...