The Cut

This wide rectangle aspect ratio image is a two shot which is a bit low-angled showing a woman and a man in a house and appear to be a case of kidnapping. The woman who looks like about 30 year-old , is tied with so many wires and hanged on the ceiling near the piano on the right side of the screen. She has blonde, curvy, middle long hair and wear a one-piece fleshcolor dress. The dissolved mascara on her face makes her looks more frightened and her mouth is covered by a piece of cloth which visualizes her as a victim. The left side of the screen shows a man who is middle-aged with a tricky face, holding a green bag on his right hand. We can see the shoulders of his black, casual jacket. He seems an intruder to the house. There are no interaction between this two people but they both are looking at the camera. The two characters and background are all in focus. The lighting is high key and the quality is soft. Everything in the house is clearly seen. It is a wealthy house which has a blue wall and black and white marble checkered floor. There are some classical furnitures such as two green fur chairs and candle stand. A picture of a white dress woman is hanging on the wall. There are three classical lamps that two are hanging on the wall and one stand on the floor. From the house setting, we can see the house owner, maybe is the woman who has been kidnapped, is a wealthy, high-class person.