Cutting Project

Unit H27
Create a variety of looks using
a combination
of cutting techniques

Stephanie Standen

Case Study's
Client 1
The client has straight hair and wishes to have it cut into a classic shape.   The hair is very bulky and the client wants to have it thinned a little with some layering to get rid of it's weight.   She also likes to wear a fringe but she has a cowlick. The hair is coarse in texture.
I advised my client on a classic style that would be ideal for her.   The most popular style out at the moment is the graduated bob; it's a nice easy style to maintain but needs regular cuts, i would of recommended every 4-6 weeks to keep the shape fresh.   I also told her that if the graduated bob isn't for you, another style would be the classic bob which is quite similar but more rounded.   The factors i had to consider when deciding the clients cut where head, body and face shape.   I needed to make sire the hair cut suited the clients face shape e.g. the classic bob is more suited to someone with a long face to softer the jaw line, it would not suit someone with a rounded face. My client's frame is tall and slim and the classic bob is perfect for her overall look.   I then needed ti check for any hair growth patterns e.g my client has a cowlick and her fringe has a tendency to jump up, i corrected the problem by going for a fuller fringe with more weight to keep the fringe from jumping up.   My clients hair density is very thick, for the hair to suit the style i had to remove an unwanted bulk for the cut to sit right, i used a shatter cutting technique to achieve this.   When determining the length of the style i had to take off enough length to sit right on the neck but check with my client how short she wanted to go.   My clients hair texture is course, i will use a chipping in technique to add movement and make the hair feel lighter.  
I talked to my client about what she wants from the cut and how she feels about her hair.   I needed to find out if the client...