The Criminal Justice System, and It's Effects in Victoria, Bc

Youth Deserve a Second Chance

Youth criminals are lurking everywhere. You see them on television, read about them in the newspaper, and hear about them on the radio all the time. You hear about them so often you start to believe they are everywhere; you never know when one of them will strike. This is what the media has led you to believe anyway. This is not the case. While there are youth out there wreaking havoc on society, most of them do not deserve our scorn: they deserve our pity and our patience. The Youth Criminal Justice Act recognizes this fact and focuses on a more rehabilitative approach, rather than a lock-and-key attitude that its predecessor, the Young Offenders Act, had.

Youth need to learn good behavior. Punishment for offences should be more focused on reshaping, or rehabilitating them rather than incarceration, depending on the circumstance of course. This is why the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) came into effect in the first place. However, there are some problems we have seen since the YCJA’s introduction, and they need to be seriously addressed if we are to get the results we hoped for when the YCJA was enacted.   This paper will suggest some possible solutions to these problems, but first we have to consider the underlying problems contributing to delinquency in our youth. Secondly, we need to take a look at what exactly the YCJA does before we can contemplate the problems of the act. Next we will take a look at a couple of the programs in Victoria that aid in the healthy development of our community’s youth. After this we can explore some of the problems popping up that need to be addressed, and lastly, possible solutions to these problems.

It is well documented that youth are in the prime of their development, both physically and mentally. Youth need to establish social boundaries, and do so by pushing the limits. If there is no one to tell a youth when enough is enough, they will keep pushing until they potentially get into...