Criminal Justice System 2

The Criminal Justice System

The Criminal Justice System
The Criminal Justice System is composed of three different institutions: Law Enforcement, Criminal Courts and Correctional Agencies.   The main purpose of these institutions is to enforce criminal laws that are set forth to protect all members of society.   These institutes work together to prevent crimes, and maintain justice by enforcing the laws, rules and regulations set forth by society.  
Crime can be defined as any act, which is punishable under law, and thus every crime violates criminal law.   Crime is any act committed by a person who violates criminal law, and said person is subjected to receive trial and punishment from an authorized government authority.
Crime and criminal law are closely related. If a person commits a crime, he or she is then subjected to face the other side of crime, which is the law. In order for us to reduce crime, it becomes mandatory for government bodies to implement laws in a strict manner and thus here we identify the third term relating to criminal law, which is government structure.   Because it is the government who makes certain laws to combat such crimes from being committed in the first place.   If the government maintains good working structure, it becomes easier for it to put criminal law into effect, which can help in reducing crime.   With a well-oiled judicial system in place, it then becomes easier for government agencies to take care of the social and economic development of our nation.  
The criminal justice system is a large body with a complex system of components that work together in unison to achieve the main purpose of implementing criminal law.   The main components of criminal justice law include local and state police, along with various federal agencies, which help in enforcing criminal law.   The other major component is the trial courts.   The main purpose of these courts is to administer judgment and...