The Brain and the Human Body (Uop Psy/240)

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The Brain and The Human Body


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Human’s beings are the most interesting but confusing animal’s mammals alive. Anyway you look at it we have evolved into these great creators that have become the most advanced species to walk this earth. We owe all of our accomplishment to our ever growing and learning brain and body. The brain is an amazing organ that controls everything that we do. The human body is the greatest machine to ever be made.

                                The five major structures of the brain

The brain is this untouchable organ that is the mother board for everything. It receives, interrupts, and directs all information thought out the body. In the brain there are three major parts the it is divided up into. The three parts are forebrain, the midbrain, and the hindbrain.

The first part of the brain that is important is called the forebrain. This part of the brain is where a variety of different functions happen. The forebrain receives and processes the sensory information, thinking, perceiving, producing, and understanding language and motor functions. The diencephalon and the telecephalon are located in this part of the brain. The diencephalon is responsible for the functions such as motor control, relaying sensory information and controlling autonomic functions. Then there is the telencephalon which is the largest part of the brain. This

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where the actual processing of information takes place because this is also where the cerebral cortex is.

The second part of the brain is the midbrain. The midbrain is part of the brainstem. This part of the brainstem plays...