Marijuana and Its Effect on the Human Body

I feel that if smoking a cigarette is bad for your health then why is medical marijuana not bad for your heath. I did some research on this subject looking at the medical ramifications. I may be wrong but the following along with the feeling of people in general about the fact that it is an illegal drug is why most states will not approve its use.

There is ongoing research about the effects of this drug on the human body due to the fact that widespread marijuana use has only become prevalent in this country within the last three decades, so the effects of long-term use are just beginning to become apparent. In my research I have found it is the most effective method of ingesting the active part of it---cannabinoids.

Marijuana by many is said to one of the safest recreational substances available and this true because the scientific studies support the conclusion that cocaine, heroine, alcohol, and even cigarettes are more dangerous to a person health than marijuana. In addition, the celebrated pharmacological properties of cannabis have led thirty-six states to permit its use as a therapeutic drug for, among others, those suffering from AIDS; various painful, incurable and debilitating illnesses; the harmful side effects of cancer chemotherapy, and glaucoma.

When smoked for the mere purpose of getting high it is found that marijuana affect health, brain function, and memory. When used in the medical arena, marijuana is like any other powerful prescription drug: it has potentially dangerous side effects, and the decision to use it to treat patients must involve the same balancing test as the one required for chemotherapy or AZT. I have broken down some of the effects of marijuana on the body systems because the most potent argument against the use of marijuana to treat medical disorders is that marijuana may cause the acceleration or aggravation of the very disorders it is being used to treat.

Immune system

Smoking marijuana regularly (a joint a...