The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas

Distinctive ideas are at the heart of every novel. Discuss the above statement with reference to the novel studied in class.
Distinctive ideas are at the heart of every novel. This statement refers to the themes or ideas behind the novel this can be seen in the boy in The Stripped Pyjamas by John Boyne. The novel depicts a friendship with a German and Jewish Boy during WWII and although they are unlikely pair of friends because of their differences in religion and nationality they maintain their friendship even with a monumental barrier keeping them apart. Even though the novel is written through a child’s point of view it was intended for a more educated and aware audience. The novel includes many strong themes such as exploring an innocent perspective, the essence of friendship, Acts of humanity, understanding obedience and conformity and exploring prejudice.  
An innocent perspective is seen in the novel as we see Characters such as Gretel’s and Bruno’s tutor take advantage of their innocence and force views upon them that he believes in without   reason and convinces Bruno and Gretel that they should think that they as well. We see discriminatory and prejudice views being forced on the children, the belief that Germany is great and that the German people are a superior race and that Jews are obstructing Germany and the German peoples greatness, and therefore are the enemy. Through propaganda German people viewed the Jews as a disease that needed to be destroyed before it spread too far as the Fuhrer or Hitler which in the novel is referred to as the Fury conveniences the German people or the superior Arian race through an excessive amount of propaganda that Jews are unworthy of existence. One of my favourite quotes by Laurence Overmire describes this “War, hatred and violence all spring from one internal idea: that one person, race, creed, or culture is better than another”. With this it made it possible for normally good a person like Bruno’s farther who was...