Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Novel Study

Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
Background Research

  1.   Anti-Semitism is the act of being prejudice towards Jewish people. Often because of their culture and religion. People act this way towards the Jewish because of the dark rumours that said the Jewish used the blood of Christian children in their rituals.

  2. a)   The Nazi Party set up about 20,000 camps. The camps put the Jewish people into forced-labour. Some camps were extermination camps where Jews would be wiped out in various ways.

        • Auschwitz
        • Chelmno
        • Janoswaka
        • Treblinka
        • Majdanek
        • Sobibor

  3. German communists, socialists, gypsies, homosexuals and Jehovah’s     Witnesses were all singled out and put into concentration camps.

  4. Aryan is used to describe a society that has a pure bloodline.


  6. a)   The concentration camp at Auschwitz has given me an insight into how     brutally the Jewish people were treated. Forced labour and execution are very inhumane. Above all, all these people were slaughtered because of their beliefs.

        b) This website has given me an insight into the sheer numbers of Jewish     people that were killed in the Holocaust. It also taught me how Hitler ‘manipulated’ the Germans, as almost immediately after his rise to power, he started to set up concentration camps. He stated that they were for ‘prisoners’.

  7. The Diary of Anne Frank:

      This is the real dairy of a Jewish girl whose family were hiding from the Nazi’s. This diary takes us back to the time of World War II, and shows us both the horrors of war and the pleasures. However this diary is about the horrors about a Jewish family hiding for their lives.

  8. a) Final Solution was the name given to the plan used to annihilate the Jewish. It is not known whether the Germans implemented this plan
      b) Factors which contributed to the Holocaust were the rumours than the Jewish used the blood of...