The Best of the Best

*Team D *Charter
Section I: Team Member Skill Inventory
Section II: Work Plan
  All work will be shared in the Team D discussion area. Work should   be attached as a document.
      All Work will be due Sunday by 12 noon EST (Eastern Standard   Time) to the designated team leader. Team Leader will compile   a single document and submit for proofing and editing to the   Team D discussion thread by 6m EST. After review team leader   will submit finalized assignment to the Team D discussion   thread by 10pm EST. Assignment will then be submitted to the   designated dropbox. Per the instructions Each participating   team member should post a copy of this document to his or her   own Team Project Dropbox by Sunday, end of week, 11:59 Mountain   Time. This assignment should be titled Team_ (fill in the blank   with your team letter) Week 4. Doc (Jackson,2010).
      The management of team members who do not participate is open   for discussion and will be handled on a case by case basis.
        Team members will meet every Wednesday at 8pm EST in the Group   D chat area which is located under the Chat tab section within   the course.
    Section III: Conflict Management
  [Regard conflict as normal and as an opportunity for growth.
      Seek to understand the interests and desires of each party   involved before arriving at answers or solutions.
      Choose an appropriate time and place to discuss and explore   the conflict.
      Listen openly to other points of view.
      Repeat back to the other person what we understand and ask if   it is correct.
      Acknowledge valid points that the other person has made.
      State our points of view and our interests in a non-judgmental   and non-attacking manner.
      Seek to find some common ground for agreement] (AUT, n.d.).
    Section IV: Team Goals
      Our main team goal is to work together cooperatively to achieve     the highest grade possible each week for our Team...