Best Friend

What is a best friend? Everyone has a best friend or is one, and not just anyone can be your best friend. Everyone has different standards for their best friends, and they normally hold qualities that you cannot always find in others. We call them our best friend because they go out of their way for you and do things that others would not.   They have values that not everyone else acquires, which gives them such an eminent title. They do things that you do not expect everyone else to do. The fact that they go "above and beyond" for you makes them who they are, your best friend.
Friendships usually begin with trust; a quality that is very important in a best friend. They are the one whom you can trust the most, no matter what the situation is. You tell them your deepest, darkest secrets and trust that they keep it to themselves. You can tell them gossip you hear at school, or problems going on at home and be assured that no one else will hear of them. Along with trust, honesty is another important quality. The word "lie" does not exist in your friendship, because best friends never lie to you. They tell you the truth no matter how much it may hurt, because it is easier to hear it coming from them since they care so much. Although you may not want to hear it, they tell you because you need to here it. Best friends never keep anything from each other. You have them there so that you do not have to keep anything bottling up inside of you and you are able to talk to them about anything because they are good listeners. They are someone who you can vent to, and they are there for you when you are feeling down. Best friends know the trick to make you smile and they have the potential to cheer you up when no one else can. Even if you are having a bad day along with the worst attitude, they stay by your side through thick and thin.  
Being reliable is one of the greatest traits a best friend acquires. The reason why they acquire this trait is because they are there for...