Rowe Program at Best Buy

Running head: BUS520 Assign 5 ROWE Program at Best Buy

ROWE Program at Best Buy
Myrna L. Hunt-Young

In Partial fulfillment of BUS520
Professor Danette O’Neal

The work force has become a stressful place to work. Employees have found it hard to balance jobs and personal life. Employees have been looking for businesses that promote a balance of work and personal life. To the same token Employers are realizing that turnovers are costing them money also. Employers are looking for ways to improve morale within their company and reduce turnover. Best Buy has implemented a program that will treat their employees with a perfect balance of work and personal life.

Best Buy corporate culture was to solve problems no matter how many hours it took to finish the problem or project. The employees were expected to work long hours and a sacrifice their personal life, for the benefit of the company. In 2003 Best Buy adopted a new work environment policy called Results-Only Work Environment ROWE.
Describe the culture of Best Buy
Best Buy has had two types of cultures. The first culture of Best Buy was working their employees without giving interest to the employees’ personal life. Best Buy would give assignments with deadlines to their employees without regard for the amount of hours that it took for completing the job. Best Buy understood that this was not the best way for the company to survive in keeping their seasoned employees. The second culture of Best Buy was Results-Only Work Environment program, or ROWE. Best Buy decided to change their culture to a more personal life friendly atmosphere.
Prior to 2003 Best Buy’s focus was to get the job done. Best Buy only thought about the success of the company without regard to the success of the employee. A number of employees would work themselves to complete deadlines and their personal lives would suffer. This type of environment caused employees to feel ill or stressed....