The Best Christmas Present I Ever Had

The Best Christmas Present I ever Got

Katrina Self
Douglas Wood
The Best Christmas Present I Ever Got

      Everyone knows around Christmas time you mostly get what you ask for. For me, I just wanted to be really surprised on Christmas day. I wanted something special, but an item that I could really use. It was Christmas of 2007. I was so enthused around this time, because it was also my senior year. I already had the car of my dreams that I thought I would never get and everything was finally fitting into place. Nobody in my family is good with surprising me; they always tend to tell me what I’m getting for Christmas.
      It was Christmas morning, and I woke up quit earlier than I usually do. I called for my mother, which I already knew she was awake. She always made coffee and hot chocolate on Christmas. The whole house smelled like a coffee shop. I was so anxious to open my gifts. So immediately I ran to our den, and grabbed one up. It felt heavy but it could have been so many things. I didn’t give myself time to think on it.   I ripped the big red bow off, and unraveled the white and silver wrapping on it. All I could see were the words saying Tom-Tom.   It was the GPS navigation system I constantly kept asking for.
      Granted, I do know where I’m going most of the time but some places I have know idea about. I thought it was pretty cool now, because I didn’t have to stop at country gas stations anymore asking for directions. My mother said, “Katrina you better go ahead and program it.” So I did. I put a little guy as my voice activation, which tells me where to turn and when to turn around. Then I choose my icon for the routing. I picked a little red car so that I would be able to keep track of where I’m going each time I glanced at it.
      My mother didn’t understand what the big deal was with the GPS system. So I told my mother, “to sit down and let me explain it to her.” This Tom-Tom can track where ever I’m going plus, it lets me...