Discuss the Ways in Which the Theme of Redemption Is Explored in a Christmas Carol

Discuss the ways in which the theme of redemption is explored in A Christmas Carol

In ACC, Charles Dickens explores the theme of redemption countless times throughout the novella. Through the salvation and alteration of the main character Scrooge, redemption is discovered. Transformed from a cold, miserly protagonist who seemed to live only for himself as he aged, to becoming as ‘as good a friend, as good a master, and as good a man, as the good old city knew’. Dickens also portrays redemption through the social injustice, society’s flaws in terms of its accumulation and greed for money and its neglect of the lower classes in society.

The general theme of A Christmas Carol is one of redemption, a spiritual enlightening causing a person to lead a new and better life. Scrooge’s priorities throughout the novella change upon the visit of three apparitions, instead of greed and the accumulation of material wealth, to one of generosity and kindness. On awake of Christmas morning, an entirely renewed Scrooge awoke, not as a cold, miserly creditor but as happy as an angel, as merry as a school-boy and as giddy as a drunken man. Scrooge, who demised Christmas, greeted the world with joyous merry Christmas and a happy new year. Charles dickens didactic structure makes the redemption of Scrooge so much more poignant. Dickens shows and depicts a cruel and wretched human, who ‘weighed everything by gain’ in the beginning, now viewing a changed man, makes the transformation so much sweeter.

At the beginning of stave one, Charles Dickens depicts the character of Scrooge, a wretched, covetous old sinner, hard and sharp as a flint, where external heat and cold had no influences on him. Scrooge was but a mere mask for Dickens to display his awareness of social justice. Scrooge represented the Victorian rich, the ones who have flourished with industrialization, who neglect the poor and think only of their own well-being. We, as the reader realize this in the office of...