Paper on a Christmas Carol

Lady Embrey

December 19, 2014

This report is off of the famous known author, Charles Dickens. He published his book,

“A Christmas Carol” in 1843. In the time of the industrial revolution.

This book is based off of a grouchy old man named, Ebenezer Scrooge that is mean

spirited and gets invited to a christmas party by his nephew. Then his deceased partner Jacob

Marley, visits him and warns him of the three spirits visiting him, one on each of the three

nights. Then he wakes up to begin a journey of the ghost of christmas past. On each night, a

different ghost of the past, present, and future shows Scrooge different sides of christmas to

enlighten his poor mean attitude. Then on christmas day, Scrooge became grateful. Scrooge

had been enlightened. He was kind to attend the christmas party his nephew, Fred, invited

him to.  

The first ghost to visit Ebenezer Scrooge, was the ghost of christmas past. A childlike

phantom comes takes Scrooge to visit his childhood school days. As Scrooge visits he seems

to be invisible to what surrounds him.   His apprenticeship with the merchant named Fezziwig.  

He then runs into a girl by the name of Belle, who he marries but then she divorces him

because of Scrooge’s lust for money that gets in the way of them both. He feels sadness and

guilt, he then sheds tears of regret before the ghost of christmas past takes him back to his


Then the ghost of Christmas present came to Scrooge. The ghost of christmas present

unveils what christmas will be like for Scrooge that year. He then finds out that Mr. Cratchit’s

crippled son, named Tiny Tim, has a kindness that warms Scrooge’s heart. Scrooge finds the

gatherings pleasing. He sees as the day goes through,the spirit becomes noticeably older. At

the end of that day, the spirit shows Scrooge two starving children. He felt ignorance, but

sees the spirit has vanished and notices a...