The American Muslim Woman and Her Hijab

The American Muslim Woman and Her Hijab
ANT101: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Jody Stoneman
September 20, 2010

In the Muslim culture women are assumed to be treated as less than the men.   Often times we hear stories of how woman are punished, however until recently we have not heard much from these women and why they do what others perceive as allowing themselves to be abused.   American Muslim women are finally speaking out.  

The American Muslim Woman and Her Hijab
Each and every person in the world belongs to a culture, just as each culture belongs to a person.   One of the most diverse cultures is the American culture; it means so many different things to every person that comes in contact with it.   What many fail to realize is that the American culture is what each American makes it to be.   The American culture is really a melting pot of many personal and geographical sub cultures.  
American women are among those that have their own cultural values.   After years of oppression and fighting so hard to gain equality, they have no choice but to be strong and independent.   American women do have to prove themselves everyday as workers, mothers, wives, daughters and sisters.   As a whole American women stand together in order to provide support for each other, and yet they remain separate in many ways as well.  
One sub culture that is under constant scrutiny is the American Muslim Women.   “Despite several generations in this country--, Muslims have quite a history in the U.S.--we are still perceived as foreigners; we are still perceived as people out to destroy the United States, and when we attempt to define ourselves, our voices are silenced.” (Hathout)
American Muslim women not only have to battle the battles of just being an American woman, they also have to battle the stigmas that are assumed due to their religion.   Not only do they fight for rights as Women in general, but they also fight for their beliefs.   American Muslim...