Is Muslim Immigration a Threat to Europe?

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|Is Muslim Immigration a Threat to Europe?                                                                                                     |

Table of Contents
Introduction                                                                                                                                     1
1 Immigration Policy of EU Member-States Regarding the Muslim Migrants                             15
1.1 Reasons of Muslim Immigration to Europe
1.2 Stages of Muslim Immigration in Historical Context
1.3 Establishment and Development of Migratory Policy Towards Muslims in Europe
2 European Democracy and Muslim Immigration                                                                       26
2.1 Challenges to European Identity: is Europe Under the Threat?
2.2 The Problems of Turkey Acceptance to EU: Difficulties of Implementation of Muslim Culture to European Identity
2.3 The Case of France: Can the Muslim Culture Really Become a Part of European Identity?
3 European Islam                                                                                                                           36
3.1 The Problems of the Origins of the European Islam in Modern Europe
3.2 European Islam as an Emerging Phenomenon of the European Civilization?
3.3 The Efforts of European Islam to Integrate to European Society: the Case of Germany
4 Muslim Immigrants and European public opinion                                                           69
4.1 Terrorist Attacks and Attributed of the European Society Towards the Muslim Immigrants.
4.2 Muslim European Identity: Is It Possible in EU (Formation of the European Public Opinion)
4.3 Muslim Institutions: Are They Obstacles for Integration?