Being a Woman and Struggle for Being a Citizen in Middle East

Dokuz Eylül University
Faculty of Business
Department of International Relations

Democratic Perspectives

Being A Woman and   Struggle for Being A Citizen
  in Middle East

Submitted to:
Dr. René Gabriels
Assoc. Prof. Z Nilüfer Karacasulu

Submitted by:
Ayşe Yavuz

Izmir, 2008

Table of Content:

  A. Introduction
  B. International Human Rights
  C. International Women Rights and Feminism
  D. Being a Woman in Middle East
        a. Afghanistan
        b. Egypt
  E. Struggle for Being a Citizen
        a. Local
        b. International
  F. Conclusion
  G. Bibliography

  A. Introduction:

I am a 25 years old Muslim woman who is in a priviliged minority among other Muslim women in the world. Because I can enjoy all of my freedoms and liberties freely. The other women in the world who can not enjoy their rights will be this paper’s subjects.

In order to show the women’s situation in the world I would like to give a quotation from 1980 UN Report.
      “Women constitute half of the world’s population, perform nearly two thirds of its work hours, receive one tenth of the world’s income, and own less than one hundredth of the world’s property.”[1]

In Muslim world “women question” is a very controversy issue because of the “universal human rights” concept. Especially in Middle Eastern countries women can not use their rights. International arena started to interested in this “women question” in 1970s.

In 1975 namely “International Women’s Year” international actors started to see the women’s situation in the world. And began to take women’s rights as human rights, made an action plan in order to empower women and achieve a real equal world.

In this paper I tried to explain the situation of Middle Eastern Women and their struggle for being an equal citizen in their countries. With the central question of “To what extent can women use the women rights in their political struggle in Middle...