The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn


Huckleberry Finn


Huckleberry Finn -  Huck is the thirteen-year-old son of the local drunkard and always a bit of an outcast, Huck is thoughtful, intelligent.  
Tom Sawyer -  Huck’s friend.Tom’s stubborn reliance on the “authorities”of romance novels leads him to acts of incredible stupidity and startling cruelty.
Widow Douglas and Miss Watson -  Two wealthy sisters who live together in a large house and adopt Huck.
Jim -  One of Miss Watson’s household slaves. Jim is superstitious and occasionally sentimental, but he is also intelligent, practical, and ultimately more of an adult than anyone else in the novel.
Pap -  Huck’s father, the town drunk. Pap represents both the general debasement of white society and the failure of family structures in the novel.
The duke and the dauphin  -  A pair of con men whom Huck and Jim rescue as they are being run out of a river town.
Judge Thatcher  -  The local judge who shares responsibility for Huck. Judge Thatcher has a daughter, Becky, who was Tom’s girlfriend in Tom Sawyer and whom Huck calls “Bessie” in this novel.
The Grangerfords -  A family that takes Huck in after a steamboat hits his raft, separating him from Jim. The kindhearted Grangerfords, are locked in a long-standing feud with another local family, the Shepherdsons.. Ultimately, the families’ sensationalized feud gets many of them killed.
The Wilks family  -  Wilks sisters is the first step in the con men’s increasingly cruel series of scams, which culminate in the sale of Jim.
Silas and Sally Phelps -  Tom Sawyer’s aunt and uncle, whom Huck coincidentally encounters in his search for Jim after the con men have sold him. The Phelpses are the only intact and functional family in this novel, yet they are too much for Huck, who longs to escape their “sivilizing” influence.
Aunt Polly -  Tom Sawyer’s aunt and guardian and Sally Phelps’s sister.