Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Paper

Mark Twain uses religion through characters to show how individuals become diverse through their beliefs.   In the novel, “The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn”, a question is addressed, “What are character Miss Watson and Widow Douglas’s views on religion, and how they are slightly different?”   Miss Watson and Widow Douglas viewpoints on religion are different because of their interpretations on Providences. These characters outlook on the Providence create a difference between what they think about religion.
        In the story, character Miss Watson expressed that religion is a significant part of human beings, and should be followed, in order for them to be able to attend heaven. On page 11 para. 12 it says, “Now she had got a start, and she went on and told me all about the good place.” This symbolizes that Miss Watson believes that if one does well from the nature of the heart then they will go to heaven. By one completing good qualities in their lives will be rewarded with the chance to be able to go to heaven.
      The character Widow Douglas articulate the fact that religion is also significant, and that people that disobey by religion that there is an alternative place to go which is the bad place and will not be able to attend heaven. On page 20 para. 1 it says “Sometimes the widow would take me one side and talk about Providence in a way to make a body’s mouth water….. Then Miss Watson would   knock it all back again” This symbolizes that Widow Douglas believes that if one does bad their consciences would allow them to change their ways to go to heaven, and if not changed will not attend heaven. By one not completing good qualities will be not be recompense with the possibility of going to heaven.
          In conclusion, characters Miss Watson and Widow Douglas perspective of religion are diverse of one another. Either one can do what is right to have a chance to be able to go to heaven, or doing what is wrong and not being able to go to heaven.