Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety: is a
                                    fearful concern about an upcoming test.

Ways to decrease test anxiety.
  1. Get plenty of rest the night before.
  2. Don’t fall into a thinking trap. Thinking traps are thoughts like Gilbert & Gilbert (2013), “Fortune-telling: This is when we predict that things will turn out badly. But, in reality, we cannot predict the future because we don’t have a magic ball!
Mind-reading: This trap happens when we believe that we know what others are thinking and we assume that they are thinking the worst of us. The problem is that no one can read minds, so we don’t really know what others are thinking” (Thinking Traps).
  3. Close your eyes and sit up straight then inhale slowly (10 seconds or longer) through your mouth and hen exhale slowly (again 10 seconds or longer) through your mouth. Do this several times before you start the test.  
  4. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable position.
  5. Close your eyes and tense your muscles starting with your feet working your way up your body until you reach your head. Again do this several times prior to starting your test.
  6. Completely read the directions on the test making sure you understand all directions. If not ask the teacher to clarify any that you do not understand.
  7. Go through the test and answer all the questions you know and then go back and do the ones you need to think about.  
  8. Do not watch the clock!!
  9. Do not worry if others finish before you!!
  10. Eat a good breakfast before a test
  11. Do not “CRAM” for a test.. Make sure you stretch out your studying over several days.
  12. Do not “hang out” with other students right before a test as they may cause you confusion or anxiety.
  13. Do not speed read the questions on your test.   Make sure you read the question carefully. Reread the question several times if you need to.
  14. Arrive early enough to go to the restroom before you go into a test....