College Preparation

-1 Without the proper preparations for college, makes it hard for students to survive or

enjoy the highlights of education. Although, there are many resources out there to help students

with study habits and how to study the right areas in a particular subject, there is very little

information on how to get the resources. Altschuler does mention a few resources on how to

study, for college students and they are similar to what Bryant & Stratton offers; however,

Bryant & Stratton resources are a solution to some of the issues Altshuler mentioned, that

college students face.

Altschuler mentions that students do not take the time out to study like they are

suppose to. Some students have a difficult time with knowing how to study the areas that are

important in a particular subject. Studying the unnecessary areas can take up a lot of time and

can become boring, and this makes the students give up on studying or sometimes their

education. As mention by Altschuler, students feel that they have it all figured out their first year

of college, that is until mid-terms and final exams come around. Bryant & Stratton does not give

the options of giving up to their students, instead they give them the help that is needed.

FYE is one of the many resources that Bryant & Stratton offers. FYE stands for First

Year Experience. It is a class linked with Sociology 101 at Bryant & Stratton. This class is a

requirement for all freshmen’s. FYE helps work on study habits and time managing skills, along

with focusing on helping students with their strengths and weaknesses. They provide time out of

every week to educate students on how the resources that are offered to the students work.

They give aptitude test on almost anything that students ask for. This allows students a better

understanding on how to focus on key factors that they may need help getting through,

throughout their college experience....