Television Infected My Generation


Oh my gosh! Did you see the shirt Kim Kardashian was wearing on the new episode of,” Kim and Khortney: Take New York?” It was all black with a ruffle sown in around the neck, it was way to cute! I over heard someone saying this the other day, it was like a reality check. I remember when things like clothes, shoes, how you did your hear mattered, but not like it dose today.
I have come to notice that more and more people are trying to dress and act like celebrities and those of reality television shows. Everyone wants to live and act like they do on   T.V., take “The Bad Girls Club” for instance. When the BGC (Bad Girls Club) first came out, it seemed as if the show was created to help these so called “bad girls” and show them how they are acting childish and immature to the point of embarrassment. Now if you were to watch the show, it’s as if girls think it’s some sort of statement or new found testament in the bible saying this is how young adults should act. One would think that someone of this mentality would not be allowed on television for any reason; not even entertainment, but “ The Bad Girls Club” has been very successful in that department with season seven just around the corner.
Another reality television series that has started a “world wide trend” is “Jersey Shore.”   Snookie says “ I want a juice heard, gorilla, tan, buff, guedo.”   Now I’m sure your wondering what a guedo is! A “Guedo” is apparently Italian slang for really hot guys or should I say a guy. I know, how ridiculous, right? I don’t know who came up with the term guedo, I’m not even sure if I am spelling right, but it is a term I have heard on numerous occasions and I just don’t get it. What happen to how we approach people of the opposite sex, there has always been physical attraction comments like beautiful, handsome and cute or good looking. Society and television has taken these kind words and has revolutionized and put a whole new perspective on...