Why Does the Nhs Generate so Controversy?


The National Health Service was set up in 1948 and was funded through taxation. The man who introduced the Health Care was Aneurin Bevan and His input in eliminating the failed market of voluntary sector, private and municipal hospital and helped to modernise services which was essential as a tax funded system to doctors and nurses for their improvements of modern medicine in larger hospitals.

The Beveridge Report of 1942 planned of the future of post- war Britain and distinguished the problems might face the British society such as a disease, and prepared the foundation of what would become as a welfare state. When Labour came to the power in 1945 vast programme of welfare measures followed has included the NHS. The minister of health Aneurin Bevan was in change to introduce the NHS. It was created on 5 July 1948. When he opened Park Hospital in Manchester, and was in determined his plan to bring good healthcare to all. For the first time hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, opticians and dentists were brought together under one organization system that was free for all at Healthcare care became free and based on need rather than on ability to pay it was free at the point of delivery to ensure that people seek help when they need it was comprehensive the point of delivery. To cover it was hundred per cent financed from taxation and everyone was eligible for treatment, whatever his income, even foreigners who was living temporary in Britain and treatment could be given at any NHS institution anywhere in the country.

In 1950-1960 When the NHS was created they hoped that Health Service would spend less while people will be healthier and the demand for Health Service would go down. However demand continued to rise and the NHS spent a lot of money which was unexpected by parliament and treasury. The government had estimated that the NHS would cost £140 million a year by 1950. In fact, by 1950 the NHS was...