Television Pros and Cons

Television effecting society
Television; a form of entertainment America now relies on, it's become something our society has become second nature to. Children and adults of all ages and walks of life have become very adapt to it. Whether or not television is good for you is one very controversial topic. Some have been lead to believe it is good for you while others have faith in the fact it is bad for you.evidence is very obvious for both sides of the argument. Those of which who believe it is good for you have reasons such as teaching important values and life lessons, Educational programming can develop young children's socialization and learning skills, News , current events and historical programming can help make people more aware of other cultures and people. Then there are those of whom are led to believe television is bad for you. Those of which may be led to believe this due to the factors that television influences your worldview, It takes you away from the real people all around you, and It is bad for your health.
Life lessons and values is one thing our society is said to be able to gain from television. "Life Anytime" tells us how some shows are able to teach children the value of family. "Television has the ability to teach our children and upcoming generations values in an appealing way that wants them to model the relationships shown. This can be a very positive thing as far as family due to the fact many children and adults have rough relationships". One example Life Anytime gives of a family value based show gives is full house. Full House is a TV show that ran from 1987-1995 and captured the hearts of American families. Danny, Joey, and Jesse are trying to raise Danny’s three daughters after Danny’s wife died in a tragic accident.There are many ups and down for this family, but in the end they always stick it out and support each other. This TV show is about more than just mindless entertainment. One of the most evident family values in...