Telecommunication Current Issues

2.1 Select a current issue that is in the news on the selected industry. Give your personal view on how you would overcome this issue. State your reasons.

        Currently the most discuss topic in telecommunication industry is about misuse of mobile phones among students in Malaysia. The mobile phone culture has crept deeply in Malaysia off lately. Previously mobile phone is only a trend but now it is one of the   most essential tools in today’s scenario and comes handy at many times not only to adults but also students. But when the misuse outpars the uses, those things prove to be a menace.
        The first generation of the mobile phone was built with basic features such as voice call. Today, mobile phones are equipped with other features that allow further communication and entertainment such as the Short Mobile Phone Message Service (SMS), MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) player, games, internet and videos. These additional features attracted people across all walks of life including the younger generations, and consequently led to the increase in the number of mobile phone users in Malaysia.
        In a study by Abdullah (2004), Malaysian students claimed that owning a mobile phone is an essential part of their life. This is not surprising as the younger generations are digital natives (i.e., individuals born in the technological era) and will naturally be easily attracted to any technological gadgets. The younger generations furthermore, took the mobile phone not just as a tool for communication but, also as a way to express themselves and, more importantly to look hip and cool.
        About 80% profiles on social networking site, Orkut, have students mentioning mobiles in “five things I can’t live without” category. And majorities are the people in the teens.
        I agree with their opinion about its necessity. But when it comes to the question of schools, I don’t find any reason for children to carry it with them. It is proving to...