Teenagers Should Not Be Free to Do What They Want.

The teenage phase is the twilight phase between childhood and youth, for childhood is receding and youth is fast approaching. It is a period of great psychological turmoil for them. For though he would like to act as an adult, yet unknowingly his behavioral pattern of childhood still persists. At this stage of life, the happy days of childhood are over, and youth is knocking at the door. There is a sense of remorse, at letting go the sweet memories of the past, but there is still an excitement of what lies in the store in the future.
Their minds are immature. They do not have much experience of life. They are slightly independent, and slightly dependent on their parents or someone elder to them. But they feel that they should be allowed to do whatever they want. But that can’t be done, for they are not so mature, and so, may fall into troubles. Without the guidance of their elders, they may make blunders, for which they may have to repent throughout their lives. In life we learn so many things with our experiences, which we acquire with age, that’s why our parents or elderly persons who are more experienced, have wider outlook. Moreover, elders are more reliable, and so they can be appointed at high, responsible posts whereas teenagers, being immature and less experienced, can’t be. Teenage is the period of life when people do the most important decisions that can have fatal consequences for their future, family and career. These decisions, and the difficult period of professional career, following abruptly the carefree period of early youth, demands personal maturity.

So it is important that elders supervise the teenagers.