An overview of media influence among youth
Media may be defined as any form of communication which is meted out to the people at large trough the various form of communication. The different types of media are TELEVISION, INTERNET, MOBILE PHONE, COMPUTER and NEWS PAPER , These are strongly affect among in youth.

In the present time mobile phone is a big social problem. Mobile phone addiction is change our youth life style. Psychiatrists believe that mobile phone is becoming one of the biggest non-drug addiction in the present time. A large number of youth are using mobile phones. Teenagers are spending their free times by mobile phones. Today companies are provide SMS facilities for the users. This serivces more use by the youth for their wants. In today a young person get more than 100 SMS per day.   Some messages are create problems in the youth life.
Day by day mobile phone companies are insert modern technologies for their user expesally for the youth. Youngsters are using mobile phones for the form of their friendship and a social groups away from their families, feelings that these phones ensured them privacy that they would not otherwise have. While some youngsters still talk to their parents, many prefer to communicate with them through text messaging so that the youngsters do not have to answer any question that they do not want to. This is also create the problem of youngsters misunderstanding their parents mood because plain text messaging does not show the difference between sarcasm and anger.
The modern technologies of the mobile phones are misuse by the youth. Camera phones are using youth fore shareing nude photos. GPRS services misuse by the youth for illegal wants. Today mobile phones are available in different named companies like Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, LG, etc. All these companies are in competition , so they introduce new technologies day by day. All mobile...