Technology Template

Technology Plan
ABC School

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Creation date

Executive Summary
[Begin with a summary of your technology plan. Be sure to highlight key areas of the plan including goals, vision, needs, priorities, and most importantly, solutions. Provide how the school will ensure the effective use of technology to promote parental involvement and increase communication with parents, including a description of how parents will be informed of the technology being applied in their child’s education so that the parents are able to reinforce at home the instruction their child receives at school.   This summary tells the reader how you will use technology to achieve agency goals and mission.]
Planning Process / Methodology
[In this section write a description of the technology committee’s role in developing, implementing and evaluating the technology plan.]

Technology Vision and Goals
[What are the goals and aspirations as a school and what problems do you want to solve? What are the goals for using advanced technology to improve student academic achievement aligned with state academic content and student academic achievement standards?   What programs will be developed, where applicable, in collaboration with adult literacy service providers, to maximize the use of technology?   How will technology contribute to solving these problems to achieve your mission?   An Indicator is something observed or calculated to show presence or state of condition or an instrument or gauge that measures something and registers that measurement. An indicator may be PD attendance, may be student work showing 21st Century skills, a teacher’s lesson plan showing technology integration, etc.   Use format shown below. Insert additional goals as necessary.]
Goal 1
[Insert goal here.]

Action Plan: Strategies/Activities

Goal 2
[Insert goal here.]

Action Plan: Strategies/Activities

Goal 3
[Insert goal here.]

Action Plan: Strategies/Activities...