Integrating Instructional Technology

Jacqueline Lambert
Edu 225   Instruction
January 20, 2013
Jennifer Taylor

Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan
Section Three:   Integrating Instructional Technology

Integrating instructional Technology is essential to many schools in the United States and across the world.   Introducing technology in our present day has many advantages in educating students to be more productive and create a positive outlook in learning.   When teaching was manual labor and boring because of the inconsistency in styles of teaching instructional was difficult in maintaining a curriculum for all students.   Students who had moderate disabilities learning was a challenge and those students who had no disability was not at their peak with others students in their age group in the classroom.   In the explanation below cover questions presented in this section.
Explain how technology can be used to enhance instruction and facilitate learning?
Technology is used to facilitate teaching by computerized study guide, tutorials, and using effective teaching methods in maintaining structure.   Teachers should teach students with clarity, enthusiasm, and repeated information to help students retain the material when using technology.   Using the right material require when applying structural learning for both students and teachers, which consist of desktop , disks,   and computer   that contains software templates of lessons.   The software most has educational concepts to learn.   There are many websites available for grade level kindergarteners thru third grade; such websites include an interactive phonics program.   This website teaches students the pronunciations of letters in the alphabet and their sounds.   Site words are plentiful used in sentences and story books; also the program provides math comprehension from numbers one to hundred.     Technology facilitates critical thinking in problem solving to expanded students understanding and motivation for learning....