Technology Management

ADL 62 (Technology Management)

Assignment – A


(a) Economic analysis of technology.

      Economic analysis of technology deals with the evaluation of techno capitalism, technological diffusion, technology acceptance model, technology lifecycle, and technology transfer effects to the economy of a particular industry, group or country. Techno capitalism describes the changes in capitalism based on the changes in technology. Technological diffusion implies a form of 'conditional convergence' as lagging countries catch up with technological leaders. Technology Acceptance Model which deals more specifically with the prediction of the acceptability of an information system. The purpose of this model is to predict the acceptability of a tool and to identify the modifications which must be brought to the system in order to make it acceptable to users. Technology lifecycle is about the technological maturity of a product. Technology transfer is the process of sharing of skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing, samples of manufacturing and facilities among governments and other institutions to ensure that scientific and technological developments are accessible to a wider range of users who can then further develop and exploit the technology into new products, processes, applications, materials or services.

  b) Technology and culture.

      Global organizations need to understand cultural differences if they want to successfully deploy information technology. It is important to know the relationships among information technologies and organizational and national culture in order to:

            1) Define the national culture, organizational culture, and information technology; natural culture is the one which you acquire through the place were you grow. Organizational culture beliefs and ideas about what kinds of goals members of an organization should pursue and ideas about the appropriate kinds or standards...