Media Sales Management

Chapter One: Sales Strategy
What Is Strategy? Strategy is a “deliberately chosen direction” of a business. i In order to organize this chosen direction, businesses use a hierarchy of elements that make up their business plans. A business plan shows how a company is going to conduct its business and serve its customers, and it consists of the following elements: (1) mission (2) goals, (3) objectives, and (4) strategy.

The foundation of a business plan is a mission (which is similar to a purpose). There are as many missions, or purposes, for media and Internet companies as there are companies. The mission for some is merely to make a profit. This is a mission that puts the needs of shareholders, or owners, first. The mission for some firms is primarily to serve their community. Many organizations have missions that serve multiple stakeholders: audiences, employees, communities, customers, and shareholders. ESPN’s mission statement is an excellent example of a mission that serves multiple stakeholders and one that, like the missions of the leading companies in Collins and Porrass’s Built to Last, is inspiring. ESPN is committed to enhancing its position as the premier sports programmer in the world by delivering a superior product to its viewers, affiliates, and advertisers. We seek to attract and retain the most talented people by fostering an environment for them to thrive in their work efforts as they develop the finest sports program distribution system for both domestic and international markets. People are the most valuable resource at ESPN. We believe in treating every employee with respect and dignity. We endeavor to support and reward our people for their efforts and we will strive to make ESPN a caring company, cognizant of each employee's personal and professional needs. Our success has always been dependent upon people working together as a Team. To sustain our success and competitive advantage, we must communicate with one another openly and...