Technology Change

Better or Not?
Computers’ main frames were the size of a small city. Black and white TV’s with only a few channels and cable was just an experiment looking into the future. Most households had few domestic appliances and the country was less willing to tolerate social inequities.   That is a scene depicted from the world fifty years ago.   Time and history has been known to repeat it and fifty years may seem like a life time in the dark ages to some. Back in the day as it known to the generation of today there have been a lot of good changes. Things like cars, healthcare, housing and education have better quality. Comprehensible very few people would want to live in the world fifty years ago. No doubt the world is better today than it was fifty years ago, primarily because of the advancements in technology,   more opportunities exists for single parent women and the racial barriers that once crippled our nation with segregation and ignorance is now replaced with humility and knowledge.
Technology today has given us more time to spend on leisure and enjoy the finer things in life. Our lives are easier and productive than it was fifty years ago.   Breakthroughs in medical technology has helped stop spread the diseases that once ravaged cities and countries. We have gone from vaccines for polio and mumps, the global eradication of small pox to fighting a new pandemic HIV/AIDS. Yet, with the repeat of history bed bugs are back. Technology, worldwide via the media is spreading the answers in how to fight the pests. Unlike fifty years ago it was hard to get help to rid the pests and the use of DDT was banned in 1972. Today dogs can help sniff out bed