It is not enough to talk about team work and post signs- this is a passive approach. Juan would have to get employees actively involved in the campaign. Juan would have to first identify what types of teams would be best suited to what activities. Then team building activities need to be participated in before any major projects can be undertaken.
      As people often work in teams in their respective workplaces, they must possess the ability to work effectively with others. Teams functioning in a cooperative environment generally outdo individuals in terms of performance. Plus, working on a team provides its individual members with senses of belonging and personal achievement along with enhanced skillsets and greater motivation to perform. Various strategies exist to develop and improve team performance and teamwork; these include the handling of meetings, team building, and interpersonal conflicts.
    Teams operating co-operative environment outperform individual competing each other in the workplace. Effective work group achieving outcomes and benefits including company targets, an increase in the size of the skill base available to the business and improve problem solving techniques. Benefits for the individual included establish a sense of belonging, to a group or an organization, the achievement of personal outcome, an enhanced range and depth skills and improved moral and motivation. Strategies for improving team work and team performance include team-building techniques through decisive leadership displaying sound judgment where groups are assigned appropriate tasks/projects.
    Interpersonal conflicts will happen when two or more people disagree over an issue or when they experience opposition emotional to one another. There are three strategies responding to the resolution. One is lose/lose-avoidance of conflict which is done by recognizing both sides of conflicts. Conflicts may appear to have been solved, disagreement are smoothed over,...