Essay on Teamwork

Monday 30th December 2012

Essay on teamwork

In this essay I will discuss my points on teamwork by giving arguments on what it is, how it is done and what the concepts are of teamwork. I will also evaluate the results and compare if it is easier to do teamwork or individual work.

Teamwork is when a group of members have task and they work together to achieve a certain point of that task which they can be happy and proud of. Teamwork can be put together by individuals that have the same objective in a job or in there life. Teams can be a group of friends, colleagues or even just random people but they all have an objective. I think teamwork is important because it allows goals to be reached in an efficient and timely method. Teamwork combines many different skills from many people; allowing achievements to be made that could not be made alone. One of the important reasons for forming teams is the ability to gain different ideas off each other. Each team member has a responsibility to contribute equally and offer his or her perspective on a problem to arrive at the best possible decision. Teamwork can lead to better decisions or worse decisions. The quality of teamwork may be seen by analyzing the teamwork among team members: communication, coordination, balance of member contributions, joint support, effort, structure and resilience.

The ability to work well with a team is very important for the success of any organization whether a business, a board, a classroom, or a not for profit. In all of these situations, teamwork is a needed thing. Teamwork is not always clear, but there is always some type of teamwork in everything we do. Encouraging effective teamwork is important to higher results. The give and take of a team environment encourages new answers to common problems. Teams that want to recognize the fact that members have different skills, bring unlike ideas to each situation, and respect that this is a good thing. Members should be encouraged to...