My workplace is a residential school within the Cora organisation it consists of a day unit and it offers 30 places and 12 residential places for girls between the ages of 12yrs to 17yrs who are looked after and accommodated (for emotional and behavioural problems) who cannot live at home for various reasons. There are currently are one unit within the building that link into the school department. A total girl at this time is 10

The residential unit have their own staff team made up of a Care Manager, Team Leader and a Care Team. Over 95% of the staff are registered with the Social Services Council and have the appropriate qualification for their post. The school also has a wakened Night Care Team which ensures the care and safety of the young people.

At the head of the organisation is a Board of Managers who meets every Wednesday of the month with the Principle and the deputy Principle to discuss any major issues and plan future developments.

Principle; In charge of the overall running of the centre on a daily basis and meet the board of managers once a month.
Deputy Principle; Takes over principles duties in his absence, Head of Education and Head of Care.
Care Manager; To assume overall responsibility for the unit and provide support for Team leaders, to administer the budget and promote the best interest of the young people at all times.
Team Leaders; take over Care Manager duties if required, work out duty rotas, cover sick or holiday cover and run the unit in a daily basis.
Care Staff; Attend panel reviews, promote the well being of the young people and liaison with external agencies, organise activities and recreation outings for the young people.
Senior Night Care Officer; In charge of the centre at night, provide a safe, secure environment, support night care staff their duties.
Night Care Staff; Look after the young people at night, provide a safe and secure environment, and work with...