Team Proj

The team development stage that I am going to talk about in the movie “Remember the Titans” is the norming stage. In the movie, the team is still practicing in the dark indicating that they’ve been practicing football for a while. The team starts to run a play while practicing and wasn’t succeeding in this play. The team captain notice that his fellow teammate wasn’t blocking his other teammate and the play was not completed. The captain proceeds to tell the teammate that wasn’t blocking, that he better start blocking or else. After that the coach said to run the play again and they ran it, the teammate actually block for his other teammate and the play was completed. Then the captain got the other teammate that seem to be the strong teammate to start doing a chant that somewhat united the team for a moment. In the movie, you can tell that this was the norming stage because it shows that the captain of the team led by example by getting the teammate to block and all the other teammates took on roles that showed them working as a football team. By doing this, the team seen what can be done if they work together as a team instead of conflicting against each other.

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After storming and the first large burst of activity, the team begins to stabilize during the norming stage. During this process, each person’s role within the group starts to become apparent, and members begin to recognize the roles of others. A sense of unity will become stronger. If it has not occurred already, an identified leader will emerge. The group still may be somewhat volatile at this point and may regress back to the second stage if any conflict, especially over the leadership role, occurs.