Learning Team Charter Analysis

Learning Team Charter Analysis
Communication, where does that word come from? It’s an Latin word coming from communico, which mean to share. We look at communication as a speical process to exchange ideas between individuals. It’s the way individuals express feelings and show human behavior.

Define group communication in three to five sentences.
Group communication is an interaction between three or more individuals. Social interaction can involve spoken words, body language, gestures and expressions. The giving and receiving of information to create meaning between individuals.

How does group communication differ from individual communication?
Group communication is different from individual communication because individual communication is more the one on one social interaction with an individual. In group communications the group brings together knowledge and experience to accomplish and make more effective decisions than someone would on there own. “We consider groups so important that the average person will spend one year of his or her life in group meetings! Clearly, the more effectively we operate in groups, the greater the return on the investment of our time.”   (Dave Sharpe, 5/24/2009) With group communication the group has a wider range of ideas to reach an effective conclusion faster.   With individual communication the other person will always put themselves into the other person shoes to try and perceive the world as the other person sees it. Then the individuals can take turns at being the sender and receiver.

Discuss strategies to promote individual and group communication.
Some strategies that will help individuals with communication are emails, phone, messenger, letters, memos, and or face-to-face communications. Most people would want to communicate through email or phone these days. Communicating with others on messenger is a good way to communicate with co-workers or other employees that you work with. I have about four co-workers...