Teaching Cycle

From a brief introduction to the role of a teacher my immediate thoughts are the role reminiscence relating directly to that of a Police person and certain other government social interactive persons where respect is essential.

No longer allowed to give personal opinions or judgment but only to implement rules and criteria laid down by the establishment. Sometimes though fearing legal reprisal.
This has created a whole layer of often faceless judgmental officials in society.

Without the ability to chastise, has the teacher lost some of the respect in the same way as with the police and other government officials and is endemic and is that where were we are in our modern progressive imposed society?

This I believe in my immediate eyes to be none progressive and endemic in our society, having traveled and experienced other world cultures.

I hope through this course to take the responsibility to educate myself as to a better and clear understanding of the established methods in a discrete, confidential and respectful manner, challenging my thoughts and any who might disrespect myself and others within the learning environment.

Perhaps my definition of 'Teacher' and 'Learner' will change as my own education as a learner progresses, this I am looking forward to.

As to any rules, regulations and legislation, why do we need them and have they gone too far for the wrong reasons?..when surely a lot are common sense and should be standard in our behavior as we learn our boundaries.

Children work for respect as like any other accolade, by giving un-earned respect can this teach a learner the wrong message? I do agree with the whole teaching ethos that gives the learners responisbilities of ownership through this they can earn respect from their fellow learners and teachers

“Allowing The Group To Take Ownership Of Their Own Rules, Then They Are More Likely To Keep To Them” (Ann Gravels 3Rd Edition)