Teacher Roles and Responsibilities

Teaching is a profession which requires several differing qualities and skills to carry out successfully. The role of a teacher goes further than the teaching of pupils. Background work and effective preparation are key to a successful lesson. A thorough understanding of teaching legislation and codes of conduct are also required along with a duty to your work colleagues.
It is in the classroom where the teacher has the most impact on the student regarding the development and progress he or she will make. The teacher is responsible for providing an organized, structured time in the classroom and to ensure each individual is given the equal opportunity to progress in there chosen subject.   This progression will be helped by a teacher who is enthusiastic, organized, confident and have a good knowledge of the teaching subject to name a few of the required qualities. Good planning and providing effective lesson plans that will help to ensure a productive time in the classroom. The teacher must also be aware of the individuals in the class and understand some people thrive off different learning techniques and have appropriate planning in regard to the lesson plan, structure and the approach to help with these matters. The teacher must be non judgmental, confident and instill confidence in the pupils. The teacher should also adopt a reflective view of themselves and analyze their teaching techniques, learn from others around them and act on this information so that they can continuously develop and improve as a teacher.
With respect to colleagues, the teacher must at all times respect the professional standing they hold and be respectful of their opinions. They should work hard to maintain good working relationships and show the highest standards of courtesy. Having an active interest and a close working relationship with colleagues will increase the ability to develop trust and confidence in each other, form an effective working relationship and develop as a unit....