Roles and Responsibilities as Teacher

Understanding Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships in Education and Training

This is a report to demonstrate my understanding of the roles and responsibilities I have as a teacher, taking into account professional standards and key legislation.

Currently I work within Gateshead Council's Fostering Team and am involved in teaching a range of subjects to foster carers as part of their continuing development and completion of the Training, Support and Developmental Standards. I would eventually like to teach numeracy and literacy skills to adults in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

The teaching role and responsibilities in education and training

Research by LLUK (2008) indicates that all teachers undertake the same activities in relation to the teaching cycle:

Initial assessment
Preparation and Planning
Revision based on Evaluation

My role as teacher has moved on from the days of 'chalk and talk' practice towards more of a facilitator role.   Reece and Walker believe that “the modern teacher is facilitator: a person who assists students to learn for themselves” (Reece and Walker, 2007). This is particularly evident in my current teaching role. By teaching foster carers, I am also providing them with the tools and knowledge they will then hopefully reflect on and use within their fostering placements. My belief is that a teacher is not there to primarily 'teach' the subject matter; we also have the role of supporter and mentor to students to motivate them successfully in order that they develop their skills to the best of their ability. Basically, the ultimate aim is to enable students to understand how they can take responsibility for their own learning and achievements.

In my current teaching role I have the primary responsibilities of:
Promoting a safe learning environment where all students can feel comfortable and respected
assessing, identifying and meeting students' individual needs
Keeping my learning...