Taslima Nasreen


Taslima Nasrin (born 25 August, 1962, in Mymensingh, Bangladesh) is a Bengali Bangladeshi ex-doctor turned author who has been living in exile since 1994. From a modest literary profile in the late 1980s, she rose to global fame by the end of the twentieth century owing to her radical feminist views and her criticism of Islam in particular and of religion in general.

Since fleeing Bangladesh in 1994 she has lived in many countries, and currently lives in Sweden after expulsion from India in 2008 where she was denounced by the Muslim clergy and received death threats from Islamic fundamentalists. She works to build support for secular humanism, freedom of thought, equality for women, and human rights by publishing, lecturing, and campaigning.

Early career

She was born Taslima Nasreen to Rajab Ali and Idul Ara in the town of Mymensingh in 1962. Her father was a physician, and his daughter followed in his footsteps. Her mother was a devout Muslim. After high school in 1976 (SSC) and pre-university course (HSC) in 1978, she studied medicine at the Mymensingh Medical College and graduated in 1984 with an MBBS degree in college, she showed a propensity toward poetry by writing as well as editing a poetry journal. After graduation, she practiced gynecology in a family planning clinic in Mymensingh, "where she routinely examined young girls who had been raped," and heard women in the delivery room cry out in despair if their baby was a girl. She was reassigned in 1990 to work in Dhaka. Born as a Muslim she became an atheist over time. In course of writing she took a feminist approach.


In 1982 she fell in love with poet Rudra Mohammad Shahidullah and fled home to marry him; they divorced in 1986. Later she married journalist and editor Nayeemul Islam Khan. In 1991 she married Minar Mahmood, editor of the weekly Bichinta, they divorced in 1992.

Literary career until Lajja

Early in her literary career, she wrote mainly poetry,...