University of Education
Presented to:
MISS. Tahira Nisar
Group Efforts by:

Name: Roll No.
Mr.   Nasir Fazal           142
Miss   Sadaf nasreen                                                                     113
Miss   Iqra Asif                                                                               108
Mr.   Waseem                                                                                 151
Mr.   Azeem Akram                                                                       131
Mr.   Adnan Nadir 120
Project on:

Financial Institution


“All the praise is for Allah, the Most Merciful and beneficent, who blessed us with the knowledge, gave us courage and allowed us to accomplish this task.”

I am especially indebted to my project supervisor Prof. Tahira Nisar course instructor of Hailey College Commerce of Lahore for giving us an initiative to this knowledge gaining activity. Her remarkable suggestions and guidance enabled me to complete this project successfully.
I offer my heartiest gratitude to her, whose cooperation helped me to achieve the target. I am also thankful to all those persons who gave me information related to the project and at the end I would like to mention the prayers and blessings of my parents, without those this project would not have been possible.
I am fortunate of having a very nice company of friends who cooperated with me in all matters relating to the report.

(Group Leader)


I dedicate this effort and work to Almighty ALLAH, the holy prophet Muhammad
(P.B.U.H), the great educationist of mankind my parents who always been there with
us through thick and thin, praying for us all the time and believing in me.

Executive Summary:

he best thing about the future is, it comes one day at a time
Abraham Lincoln

Being student of MBA-Finance, we opted , State Life Insurance...