Describe What Your Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries Would Be as a Trainer in Terms

Describe what your role, responsibilities and boundaries would be as a trainer in terms
of the teaching/training cycle

For this assignment I am going to be identifying the roles, responsibilities and boundaries a teacher would face with reference to the teaching/training cycle.

As a tutor it is vital to identify the individual needs of a learner. With this it is essential for teachers to differentiate teaching styles in order to meet to the specific requirements and needs of the individual learners. Any learning difficulties identified within the teaching environment are under the responsibility or the tutor to report these to the relevant people. A boundary which may occur for tutors is that an individual learner may struggle more than another learner in a specific area.

The design and delivery of a lesson is a role which varies on how the tutor feels the scheme of work would most appropriately be delivered. This insinuates that the responsibility of the tutor is to plan lessons around how they feel the students will most appropriately learn and respond; if students are participating and engaging within lessons it not only shows they are taking information on board but can also motivate and encourage them within their work.

Making learners aware of the aims and objectives of the sessions is one of the first elements of a teaching session. Tutors generally have the responsibility of assessing each learner as an individual with focus on the extent to which they take information on board via question and answer activities to recap on what has been taught throughout the session. One implication which may arise is the time constraint on the session; tutors may find fitting in all necessary subject matter into a limited time scale a difficult task. Also the refusal of help from the students can be a difficult obstacle to tackle.

The role of the tutor in assessing students determines the understanding a learner as of the subject area. This can be done...